School Health Foundation of India

Creating Healthy Generations…

School Health Foundation of India has the following objectives of action:

1. Developing schools in India as ‘Health Promoting Schools’.

2. Implementing Comprehensive School Health Programme (CHSP) in schools.

3. Promotion of research and development in the field of school health and student well-being.

4. Creation of awareness among school children about healthy living.

5. Enhancement of the skills of school teachers in handling health and developmental problems among children.

6. To promote life skill education and personal development in schools.

7. To provide guidance for the establishment and maintenance of Health Clubs in schools.

8. Provision of Preventive Health Services to Schools.

9. To identify and correct psychosocial problems among school children, including substance abuse.

10. To provide counseling and guidance services to children with special problems.

11. To develop and distribute health education materials and media to schools.

12. Promotion of Educational Research.

13. To co-operate with governments and health agencies in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of school health policies and programs.

14. To set up and run establishments/institutions, that may help in furthering the objectives.

15. To bring out newsletters, pamphlets and other informational materials, that may help in furthering the objectives.

16. To formulate and implement any other activity as may be necessary or is conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.